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While LTLM campaigned on the possibility that workers at newsagents and other retailers could bring harassment lawsuits as a result of being exposed to the products on the shelves, no suits were pending, and several journalists have tweeted that their requests for the full legal guidance LTLM claimed to have prepared went unanswered."The question of whether they [lads’ mags] are pornography or not is far from undisputed and would likely be a point of contention if a case were to be brought," says Dr Jude Roberts, a researcher in gender and sexuality and a lecturer Birkbeck College.Three are currently in England and the other twenty here are in Ireland." Twitter users were quick to correct her, of course.

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In a statement, managing director Paul Williams said: "After 10 years at the top of its market, we have taken the difficult decision to propose the closure of Nuts and exit the young men's lifestyle sector." Last year the title attracted attention when Co-op demanded that Nuts be distributed in 'modesty bags,' as with hardcore titles in newsagents, following a campaign to big retailers by a new group called ‘Lose the Lads' Mags’ (LTLM).

Nuts refused and Co-op declined to continue sticking the title, resulting in a loss of one-third of its newsstand circulation.

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First launched in January 2004 and followed swiftly by rival Zoo only weeks later, has the era of lads' mags come to an end?

The announcement comes from IPC Media, which will be conducting a 30-day consultation with staff and, while it is open to buyers, is expected to end with the closure of both the print magazine and the website.

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Explaining to Daitií Ó Se how many relations she had over this side of the Atlantic, she said: "23 first cousins in the UK.

We guess we can understand the concept of holding in your pee as a child, but, an adult? What possible excuse could you have for not going to the bathroom when nature calls? For as long as I can remember, I've been making scrambled eggs one way. Well, guys, believe it or not 2017 has come to and end and boy, oh boy, what a whirlwind year it has been!

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Before we begin, we'd just like to apologize that here at FHM we don't write about the beautiful Miss Hailee Steinfeld nearly as much as we should! Whether you'd like to admit it or not, you're guilty of idle time at work. There are a hell of a lot of online dating apps out there, with the Bumble app being one of the most popular around. Even when we think we're being slicker than slick, they're 100 steps ahead. It seems like every single weekend, even at age 33, I'm Googling something like "hangover cure" to help combat my decisions from the previous night. While we were totally psyched for Christmas, we're already looking forward to movies in 2018, which, among other things, will bring the story of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele to a close in...