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Some of the features released with this version are: a new sidebar, improvements in Microsoft Office interoperability, support for more languages and a major performance boost.

For more about this release and all of the other features included, check out its release notes page.

But after words I just used Gdebi Package installer to install 3.0.

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Many former Windows users miss having an office suite on GNU/Linux that matches Microsoft Office in functionality and compatibility.

Well, we must point out Open Office, a free, open source office suite available for several platforms, including GNU/Linux.

If you are looking for an office suite for your GNU/Linux distribution then you may have found the perfect solution in Open Office.

This version has Improvements to graphics, charts, forms, text annotations and accessibility feature.

This brief tutorial is going to show you how to easily install or upgrade to the latest Open Office version in Ubuntu 13.04 and previous versions.

You can use it in place of Libre Office if you want.

After extracting archive it will create an installation directory named en-US, and placed all the files there.

Before installing Open Office make sure you don’t have installed Libre Office on your system.

As an alternative to using the command line to untar the gz package after it has been downloaded to, say, the desktop, note that this can also be done by double-clicking on the package itself and then clicking the extractor icon in the window that then opens.... If you installed the beta before, you need to remove 2 packages before doing this: sudo dpkg -r ooobasis3.0-emailmerge ooobasis3.0-en-us-onlineupd Hey Guys, Great tutorial but its not working for some reason. After everything is installed it says errors were encountered while processing: and it lists a bunch of errors. Thanks and keep up the good work Rohan Worked like a charm, thx a lot :) P. At first got quoted trouble with desktop integration when removed previous version using only Applications/Add&Remove.

Might help to append this tutorial with single command how to remove all components of previous version at once. I chose to uninstall 2.4 before trying to install 3.

Your current Open Office installation will not be removed unless you uninstall it with Synaptic or on the command line, so you can run both versions in parallel if you like.