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Couples therapy and marriage counselling helps partners use their differences as opportunities for growth and connection.

You may feel uneasy, skeptical or perhaps hopeful, about the idea of collaborating with a couples counsellor.

I offer a calm, compassionate and constructive environment in which to help you work through troubling issues and dynamics.

Healthy relating, which contributes greatly to our quality of life and well-being, is also the foundation of a caring society. They provide support for personal growth and allow us to experience a sense of purpose, meaning, belonging, comfort and safety in the world.

While relationships may easily evolve out of shared interests and values, they can also easily deteriorate.

If you would like to gain relational and communication skills vital to enhancing the quality of your partnership and life, please email me.

Scroll down to learn more about communication skills, relationships, the couples therapy process and pre marriage counselling.

Beyond your own feelings or your partner's, you may worry about your children, extended family, mutual friends, investments, home and pets.

Rather than face the fallout and pain of a failed partnership, you would like to get your relationship back on track and experience the best connection possible.

Looking for the best couples therapy in Toronto that tailors tips, tools and insights to your relationship?

Wondering how pre marital or marriage counselling can help you improve communication, reconnect and make love last?

I am Lisa M Kelly, a Registered Psychotherapist providing couples counselling in downtown Toronto.