Molly, 30 This guy I was seeing lived on the second floor of a two-floor apartment. We were coming down the stairs and he pushed me against the wall and I fucked him in the stairwell, with the door open to the street basically. She was downstairs waiting for me, but I asked her to come up for a few minutes. So I stopped the girl, because now I had a reason to. And then I was like, "I needed help too, and you'd prefer to help an old woman versus my young, handsome self." We ended up in this lounge area, we started talking and she was like, "Yeah, I'm a nympho." Then we ended up going to her car for something, and it was a car, so… It was the wintertime, and she had this really long Prada jacket covering us, so people would just think we were making out. I was really paranoid, thinking I was going to get caught, so… I just wasn't as excited as I should have been. Whenever I saw a young lady in the dining car, and she kind of glanced at me, and I kind of glanced at her, we'd step back into the Pullmans. Sandy, 30 On a Caterpillar tractor at a construction site. Barry, 26 An Israeli military base near of all my soldiers. Towards the end of my service — I was a commander, so they sent me to a recruiting base to help direct the new recruits. This one girl driver came by all the time when I was working at the door, and sometimes we talked for a while. Anakin, 29 I hooked up in the ice-vending machine of a hotel one time. Jeidar, 44 With my ex-husband, we were at South Street Seaport, and we got out of the car and, right in the parking lot, I just lifted my dress and we had sex. Scott, 36 I had sex with a British woman in a taxicab in India. I was actually on the phone with a client while we were getting it on. She thought I wasn't into her, but it's hard to concentrate when you have people all around you. Sara, 23 In the fitting room of a thrift store in San Francisco. The sex eventually moved to the bathroom cause it was getting loud, but I don't think the hitchhiker even would have known what was going on if he had woken up. And I had a room back there, because I was an important person, you see. Brittany, 25 The hood of a car in a retirement community! Boyfriend at the time and I were playing frisbee in the park. There was another girl from the military police I was working with. We ended up inside the office of our high commander and started having sex. The bouncing was not good for losing your virginity. One night, we went back to "her place," which turned out to be the garage of the pedi-cab company.

Rob, 25 I was the mascot for Wagner College, I was a sea-hawk, and I fucked one of the dance girls on the fifty-yard line. But I took it off after a minute because I couldn't breathe. We were on the highway going a little under the speed limit. Sal, 36 When I was in high school, staying at my grandparents' place, a girl I met was staying at her grandparents' place. Nathanael, 30 Lost my virginity in the ball pit at Chuck E. I was wearing my girlfriend's clothing at the time, and on substances I won't really go into detail about right now. We were bounced out of there, and for a year I was no longer welcome at the place where a kid can be…

It was the middle of the night, I was a freshman, and it kind of just happened that way. I snuck out of the old folks home where my grandparents were and walked five or six miles through the swamps of Florida to get to the old folks' home that was staying at, snuck past security, and climbed through the window.

The walk-in was about eight feet high and only accessible with a ladder, so everyone thought we were in the office doing work.

Meanwhile, we're on top of this refrigerator that isn't enclosed! I mean, we didn't just find a nasty Buick and do it in there — I got my car and we found a spot where it blended in.

I was nineteen and we were at someone's house and that was the only room that was open.

You can't get good leverage and there are ropes everywhere. Adam, 23 I once did it in someone's little brother's bedroom. As the encounter escalates, you may be very surprised at the frisky phrases that pop out of your mouth.Nerve asks deeply personal questions to people we just met. So now it's the woman who has to chase after the man, and the man doesn't want to give it to you. I have my own theory of why men are like this, and I'm talking about the men in this town, because it's different in other places. I think it's the distorted relationship they have with their mothers. They do everything for their sons, even when they're forty, and I'm telling you because I've seen it. So the cousin was talking and talking and at one point he says, well, if you guys go out again and have sex, I can watch you while you do it. No, actually, please mention, I'm single and looking. Since this is your first time starting sexy phone speak, you might be a little tongue-tied. Just chat with him as you normally would and ease into a more intimate exchange by saying something as simple as "I wish you were lying next to me." Or lift his libido by reminding him of an incredibly hot sack session you had together. If you aren't comfortable initiating a kinky conversation, suggest your boyfriend take the lead.Close your eyes and concentrate on every wanton word.We can hear all of the kitchen guys talking and working!