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Good Luck x thankyou very much for your replys that's reassured me they ring and text about 8 times a day!!( now when they ring i pick up and get an recorded msg saing ' hi im **** from mmf im schedualed to visit your home in the next 4 days, to avoid embarresment press 1 to be connected to make an appointment ) Ill take on all advise and let you know the outcome thankyou again for taking the time to reply speak to national debt line or stepchange for more advice, or contact your local CAB.First things first and this message really goes out to every member reading this if you are finding things a little on the tight side but have just a few pounds to spare the one of the best things you can do is join a credit union.

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The more people that join credit unions the less need there is for these pay day loan compnaies charging huge rates of interest.

In Germany there is a maximum rate that can be charged on loans whereas in the UK, providing they tell you what the rate is, they can charge what they like.

I am also at the stage where the msgs are same as above, I have explained to them that I have paid the debt, sent conformation to them and even had the payday loan company clarify it is clear but they still harass me!! Paid the debt off and requested a letter off them to say 'account clear'.

they are nothing but bullies who try to grind you to a halt. 1 month later i get a letter from mmf saying that the debt hasnt been paid. I emailed copies to them and i pestered them until they agreed that they had made a mistake. Sent from my i Phone using Netmums If you get a letter from a company such as mmf about a debt you do not recognise or which you are sure has been paid off this tells you what to do Prove it! As it says, if the harassment continues, go to your local Citizens Advice Bureau and they will help as it is illegal. It's annoying and stressful for those of us who post here.

If you do let them in once they do have the right to return and gain entry lawfully without your permission.

Do you mind if I ask how much you owe to the payday loan company? X thankyou very much for your replys that's reassured me they ring and text about 8 times a day!!If they do go to court you will get a claim form from Northampton Court, they all come from there so don't worry, fill the form in with all the income and expenditure it says and ask for the case to be heard at your local court.When the hearing is listed go to the hearing and set out your case making sure that you mention the interest rate and the threatening nature of the phone calls etc.This page from our local CAB has links to a range of places where you can get advice and support in sorting things out.I'd point you to the debt pack at the bottom of the page which lets you set out clearly what your ins and outs are and what debts you have and to whom.However, no bailiff has the right into your home unless they have been sent by HMRC for tax purposes.