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And as your friend, I will support you in whatever you do. "Sardarji, Lokhandwala." Akash said to the turbaned driver as we got into the cab. "Awwww, take a nap." Kriti said, sounding a lot less drunk. But now, drunk as a skunk, I felt myself compelled to do the same as the phone's keyboard seemed to swim all over the place.

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Rahul was supposed to come back home for visits, but each time, some deadline mad him cancel the trip. But you don't expect your husband to spend every free moment at home just watching the TV or staring at his smartphone. he means nothing to me." Kriti repeated for emphasis. I didn't say anything because I didn't see you responding. The skirt was a bit tight, so this made it ride up, exposing my thighs. I flailed my hands in struggle and, quite by accident, ended up slapping Abir hard across his cheek. He rubbed his cheek and then I saw anger flash in his eyes. " And then he slapped me backhanded, across my face. ------------ SCRRRRRRRRRRRCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I was in a daze, shocked at being slapped, and slapped hard. " I just sat where I was staring in disbelief and the driver rained kicks and punches down on Abir.

Rahul had been sent to the US for what was initially supposed to be a short-term posting. We then decided that I would join him, but my visa application had been on hold. It's been obvious to me for the last few months that he's been trying to woo you. After Abir had mauled my tits under my top to his heart's content, he moved his hand sound and put it up my skirt. He put his hand between my legs, trying to resume his earlier move. But besides that, he was no match for this 6 foot plus burly sardar. After 30 seconds, the cab stopped by the side of the road.

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