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Apgujeong Bingsoo consists of cheese, cheese sauce, cheese cake, cheese wafer and vanilla ice cream.

Located so conveniently at Plaza Singapura, boosting a comfortable and lively interior, Seorae Singapore is perfect for gatherings and for unwinding after a hard day at work.

Hence, you might feel a little suffocated by the smokey air when the restaurant gets crowded.

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The star of the show is the meat – different types, cuts, marinated, non-marinated etc – that is grilled at the diner’s table on gas or charcoal grills.

This experience allows diners to talk, cook and enjoy their food at the same time.

Seorae Singapore is the only Korean BBQ in Singapore serving their signature Korean Galmaegisal, which is also known as pork skirt meat.

Galmaegisal is found between the ribs and the belly of the pig and is a unique cut that forms only 250 grams of every full grown pig.

The former is the closest you get to savouring authentic Korean flavours while the latter contains a generous garlic seasoning and soy sauce – imagine chunks of juicy meat with an extra kick.

Amp up the flavour of the Galmaegisal using the well-known Korean dipping style into onion and spicy sauces, accompanied with silky folds of egg and fragrant garlic.

The entire restaurant is brightly lit and has orangey walls so it’s relatively hard to miss this if you’re walking down Amoy Street.

We were first served their appetizers and we really liked the spicy tofu, kimchi, the sweetness that came from their potato, as well as, their beansprouts which has a spicy-sourish taste, very appetizing indeed.

We found their hot stone bowl rice a little on the blend side but if their special spicy sauce is added into it, it tastes incredible.

We really love their cold noodle, which has generous slices of Korean pear in it and these pear slices were extremely sweet.

Using Seorae’s special “circle grilling” technique, the Galmaegisal, marinated in a delicious blend of Korean spices for two days, with at least an half hour’s massage, is grilled to perfection, full of rich flavours, tender and juicy.