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Ruggles will have a foremost place among American representatives…” Like Madison Avenue, he was controversial.His efforts creating and naming Madison Square Park and Mad Ave in honor of a sitting president were contrary to American sensibilities at the time.

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It also wants the court to order South Korea to stop blocking the website.None of the claims have been proven in court and Korean authorities have yet to file a statement of defence.Like her brilliant husband, she literally and figuratively had her hands all over the US Constitution!Given her penchant for parties and socializing (which Mad Ave culture has been known to enjoy), is it any wonder that Dolly Madison lives on today as a brand of cupcakes, yummy, festive fixtures among the Happy Meal set.Today, his vast knowledge of the financial markets and as a philantroper at the time would rival Mr. However, his authority extends well into contributions to American culture, commerce and currency. He founded, developed and both built Gramercy Park AND Union Square, yet as compared to our esteemed Mr.

Trump his name is nowhere on any of his or our most precious public or private landmarks."Given the global reach of the Internet, a social networking service that meets with success among any particular group of people in one country has or will have a significant competitive advantage among people of that same group or related groups in other countries." Ashley Madison -- which filed the suit through its parent company, Avid Life Media -- says it will lay out its financial losses during trial, which it suggests be held in Vancouver. So why is he virtually unknown today in our fair city, the industry we call Madison Avenue or in the history books?Could Ruggles had that much insight to see that Dolley would live on as much as Mr.James (father of the Constitution) as he saw up close Dolley’s love of networking?Soon after, Korea Communications Standards Commission -- a government agency also targeted by the suit -- blocked the site, alleging that it "contained illegal information," it reads.