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“Deborah started pressing [me] for information on this case,” a reporting officer said.“I told Deborah that I would not discuss any part of this investigation as it was an open and active investigation, and to do so could jeopardize the investigation, along with the fact that it would be highly unprofessional.”Katz called police “several” times, according to the report, and the police officer continued to not discuss the investigation: “When that didn’t seem to be getting the NFL anywhere, they had a detective from another local law enforcement agency, who apparently also works as a representative of the NFL, call me and try to get information from me on my investigation.” Police declined to speak with him, as well.The league and its experts, Goodell promised in 2014, would “address how to balance due process rights for those accused with the need to hold our personnel to the highest standards.”“There’s a lot more going on that people can’t see,” Austin says.

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Mc Donald would call her names, she says, or get upset if she didn’t want to clean up after he had company over or make him food late in the evening.He would “tell me I was an ignorant bitch or things like that,” she says.C., and the former director of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.(The NFL did not make any of them available for comment.)Together, based on the available evidence, they formulated a one-game suspension for Josh Brown, for the 2016 season opener. He runs a billion-a-year business.”The NFL did not respond to questions about whether it had ever leveled a more severe formal penalty against Brown.On a recent morning in the Seattle suburb of Woodinville, Washington, lights at the house were out, mail and packages piled up, and no car was in the driveway.

(Property records show a sale was completed in September.) A light snowfall dusted the property, and a neighbor walking a dog, when asked about the family, shrugged.The NFL has "disciplinary officers" provide reports to players and the union—and then provide a recommendation to Goodell, who makes the final decision.As a private league, however, the NFL is not obligated to provide players with “due process,” even if investigators are working with law enforcement on the league’s own parallel investigation.But on May 22, 2015, Molly had told officers responding to a complaint at their home that her husband had grabbed her wrist tightly, causing her pain and bruising.It had scared her, she said to police in a statement; Josh Brown had “been physically violent to her on more than 20 different instances over the past several years.” The police report continued: Brown was arrested on allegations that he assaulted his wife.“If the league is going to step in and conduct its own investigations and reach its own conclusions, and impose its own punishments prior to law enforcement investigating and punishing, that’s a very, very big responsibility.”On June 3, 2016, police said that Molly Brown called them “panicked,” because she told them that she had received a phone call “from some woman stating that she was representing the NFL and investigating Josh’s arrest.” She feared it was a reporter posing as an NFL representative, Molly Brown told police, and that “if it truly was someone from the NFL calling her, she would not trust them to really be having her or her children’s best interest in mind.