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You can send the media files it created to your mobile phone using its “Album” feature and share with your friends, scan QR code or bar-code, or broadcast to a stream server. It’s a “Camera” app, as well as a photo and video processing app with interesting features. You can use My Cam for FREE, except that there is a “My Cam” watermark in its output images and videos if you applied with filters or effects.

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This works but pushes the computer cpu usage to max and eventually the decoder hangs and must reset it all to continue.Also, get the delay and a considerable downgraded picture having the stream jumps through so many hoops.Your camera records the action, but not in a format that works well for transmitting over the internet.(Most cameras are simply built to record.) The encoder essentially optimizes the video for online transmission.What I currently do, which seems to work, and likely would do so much better if I had a souped up computer, a gamer version, and faster internet service.

Especially the latter, using DSL is not the way to go.Their server converts the rtsp stream to a flash form of streaming and they broadcast it to up to 100 simultaneous visitors. My question is if I can somehow send the rtsp stream from my camera to youtube servers so they broadcast the picture live without me having to pay a monthly subscription.After searching a lot I have concluded that youtube servers can not accept my rtsp stream directly so I would either have to use a pc with a flash encoder or use an external service to encode the rtsp stream from my camera to flash.You also happen to have a video camera stashed in your electronics drawer (or in the backseat of your car, under your couch, in the attic…).If you have the camera manual, you’ll find this information there.However in light of this, the steps I'm taking to pull it off, free might I add.