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Each chapter is charmingly illustrated—and accompanied by a rich assortment of games, lists, puzzles, and quotes.

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He favoured an experimental approach to second language research and conducted various experiments.He wrote a very successful textbook about Noam Chomsky's theories ( He also published papers on second language teaching, and developed Computer-Assisted Language Learning programs for learning English as a Foreign Language, including adventure games and syntactic parsing programs. English spelling is fiendish, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with it. As amusing as he is informative, Vivian Cook thrills the reader with more than a hundred entries -- from photographs of hilariously misspelled signs to quizzes best taken in private to schadenfreude-rich examples of spelling errors of literary greats -- that will tickle the inner spelling geek in every reader. Vivian James Cook (born 13 June 1940) is Emeritus Professor of Applied Linguistics at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom.

He is renowned for his work on second language acquisition and second language teaching, and for writing successful textbooks and popular books about linguistics.He published a successful textbook about English orthography, and is currently editor of the journal Writing Systems Research (with Jyotsna Vaid and Benedetta Bassetti).In 2004 he published a successful popular book called Accomodating Brocolli in the Cemetary: Or, Why Can’t Anybody Spell?He has worked on a number of topics such as bilingualism, EFL (English as a Foreign Language), first language acquisition, second language teaching, linguistics, and the English writing system.He has published more than 20 books and 100 papers.).I don’t think I’m ever going to forget the spelling of BROCCOLI again.